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Our Friends


Bellissima! would like to recognize those who have made donations to our organization. Their willingness to contribute is so very essential to our ability to survive as a musical ensemble. Except for the ongoing effort and outstanding dedication of our members, the financial gifts we receive are the most important element that keeps Bellissima! going. "Thank you" does not even begin to say it.


Patron Support 2009-2010 Season



Larry & Beverly Ambrose

Sandra Billy

Diane Blischak

Paul & Rena Coughlin

William & Joyce Coakley

Janet Grass

Gordon & Delores Griffin

Margaret Gupta

Alease E. Harris

Kimberly Haywood

Joseph T. & Marilyn A. Hock

Zeb & Beth Holt

William P. Hunter

David & Iris Julian
B. Alexandra Kedrock
Audrey Knoth
Fran Lackore
Seth & Nicole Pickett
Drs. Treven & Jaime Pickett
Walter & Joan Pickett
Jane Alger Simmons
Donald Myers & Alice Twining
Catherine Jordan Wass
Charlotte Wilkes
John & Mary Zimmerman


Corporate Support



Towne Bank*

Bank of America Foundation

Norfolk Southern Foundation

Veterinary Evolution LLC

Broken Barrier Entertainment

Safe Harbour Realty, Inc.

* Keystone Corporate Sponsor



In-Kind Contributors


Dallas Heilman     CPA
Jeff Rayhorn     Webmaster / LukewarmCoffee.com


We are very grateful to the Norfolk Commission on the Arts and Humanities and the Virginia Beach Arts and Humanities Commission for their grant support and interest.


Special acknowledgement is made to Bayside Presbyterian Church and Katie Grant for providing Bellissima! with rehearsal space.


Bellissima! is a member of the The Cultural Alliance of Greater Hampton Roads and Your757.com.




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